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Hired Goonz is Reece Stockhausen (Neuron Compost and Contra Coup) and Petalien. They first met 4 years ago on an online dating service for unemployed hippies. They teamed up over their love of generic pop music and for two years produced unreleased remixes of artists such as Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears. After realising there is no money in pop remixes they decided to start writing psytrance together as they believed it would be the best area to make money and get women. Their first track, 'Fractal Wonderland', was produced under the influence of Ayahuasca and deemed too psychedelic for the general public, so they buried the master dat tapes in a hole on Anjuna beach in Goa (near some coconut trees). Since then they have toned down their music to make it as generic, formulaic and user friendly as possible. Consciously imitating (some may say ripping off) artists such as Skazi and GMS, they now make a handsome living writing two tracks a year and playing them over and over around Australia.

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