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Born in Sapporo, Japan. Hiroki Esashika is a first Japanese producer who has released from Carl Cox's legendly techno label - Intec Records -.On 2005, Hiroki scored big for "Intec Records" with the massive " KAZANE", and he follows it with another well-done track "KASABLANKA". Hiroki Eshashika started his career as producer in 1997. Since then, he has been releasing constantly from several labels such as "Inform", "Subvoice", "Bound" and of course, "Intec". Besides all those production works, he has began to play dj and live-set in many clubs around Japan alongsides top Djs such as Ken Ishi, Charlie Hall, Oliver Ho, Frank Muller, Cave, Dj Tasaka and Akira Ishikawa. After his remarkable gig at TNT Kamastra in Itary, he is now ready to tour any country at anytime.

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