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Hiroko biography

There are two artists who go by the stage name Hiroko: 1) Akutsu Hiroko (阿久津博子), born July 24th, 1984 in Ashiya, Hyōgo, Japan, better known by her stage name "HIROKO", is a vocalist and songwriter for the Japanese duo mihimaru GT. In January 2011, she debuted as a solo artist with the release of her single, "GIRLZ UP ~stand up for yourself~". 2) Minato Hiroko - Minato was known as "The Queen Of House" and released several albums: the pop album "One In A Million" was released internationally in 1989 (it was also released as "24 7 365") and the pop/house albums "Take Me Tonight" and "Dance Dance Dance" in 1991 and "Hiroko" in 1993.

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