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Genre: Industrial/Darkwave/EBM. Hora is a Japanese musician and composer who began his musical career in 2000 as keyboardist for Velvet Eden. He left the band a year later to form Rudolf Steiner with ex-ISOLA member Kaya. After releasing two demos and signing under Mana's record label Midi:Nette, the band changed their name to Schwarz Stein, meaning "black stone". During both groups, Kaya sung the vocals and wrote the lyrics while Hora did keyboards and programming. After releasing two singles, "Perfect Garden" and "Current", and two albums, "New vogue children" and "Artificial Hallucination", the group broke up over creative differences. Later, in April of 2006, Kaya and Hora collaborated to form the group Another Cell and release an album featuring a re-recorded Rudolf Steiner song, and remixes of several songs off of Hora's album "Inner Universe". Despite the disbandment of Schwarz Stein, Hora is still working with Kaya, doing arragements for some of his songs (f.e. b-side from Kaya's last single Chocolat "Pourriture noble" and few tracks on his first major album "Glitter") Discography: [2005.03.29] Inner Universe (guest female vocalist from Experiment Number 0513; limited to 1000 copies) [2005.12.21] The World (limited to 500 copies) [2006.09.28] PROMINENCE (limited to 500 copies) [2007.03.16] VENOM (limited to 500 copies) [2007.11.15] ICEBOUND (limited to 500 copies) [2008.11.26] REIGN (limited to 500 copies) [2009.10.15] domiNATE (limited to 500 copies) [2010.06.30] WISDOM (limited to 500 copies) [2012.11.16] TYRANT (limited to 500 copies) Due to high demand, November 19, 2007 Hora informed to do a re-print of his four first albums (INNER UNIVERSE to VENOM) of 100 copies each. On 20th of May, 2010, Hora informed that he will release his last album on 30th of June, 2010 due to his bad health and said he wants to pursue his musical career further but his current situation prevents it and he wants to concentrate on getting better. Hora's Website _____________________________________________ Hora is also the name of a Swiss post-hardcore rock band. The year 2005 saw their debut, self-produced album, "Answers without Questions". Because of the artist name-collision, you can find more information at www.horaphon.ch .

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