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There are four artists with this name: 1. In late 2009, within the city of Mississauga, Ontario, three close friends found themselves envisioning a dream. It was the realization of an inherent passion for writing and playing music, but ultimately, the formation of Horizons. As the core of the band was already set into place, guitarists Doug Meadows, Ben Zamora, & drummer Cameron Ridgeway began the search for the missing pieces. Within mere days, vocalist Chris Cosentino & bassist Borys Petriczko found their place among like-minded musicians with similar tastes & aspirations. Having only spent a few short practices together as a band, Horizons entered the studio with locally acclaimed producer Jordan Valeriote to record their first song “Royalties”. The band has since returned to Sundown Studio to record a five-song EP. Infectiously contagious riffs & heart-stopping breakdowns are complemented with soaring and powerful choruses to provide a sound that delivers on all fronts. Horizons will continue to win the hearts of their audiences & push the limits of hardcore music. http://www.myspace.com/horizonsontario 2) Hailing from the Vancouver/Kelowna area of British Columbia, Canada. Horizons is a hardcore band featuring members of the bands Daggermouth, Act Fast!, and the recently defunct Born for Battle. Sounding quite different from Daggermouth and more like the latter, Horizons play fast, aggressive hardcore that is also melodic. http://www.myspace.com/horizonshc 3) Horizons is a band from Santa Rosa, California that began in 2006 as an artistic outlet for André Estournes, former guitarist for the now-defunct hardcore band, The Autumn Run. He quickly recruited James Ryall to provide bass and vocals and they began writing music with drummer, Laird Fryer. Laird left the band soon afterwards for personal reasons, and André left The Autumn Run to focus full time on his new project. After auditioning many drummers, James and André finally decided on Matt Tucker in mid-2007. With the lineup complete, Horizons rapidly began writing music. They hit the studio with six tracks in mind and recorded an EP, The Identity of Us All, that was made available to fans for free in late January ‘08. www.myspace.com/wearehorizons 4) Horizons is a hardcore band which released an 7 inch on Detonate Records in 2011.

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