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Horna biography

Horna is a black metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland. Formed in 1993, it is essentially a project of guitarist Ville Iisakki Pystynen known as Shatraug, who has been the only constant member of Horna since its inception. Musically, the band play traditional black metal; lyrically, they deal with satanism, paganism, occultism, evil, and darkness; which is why Baptism, Azaghal, Enthroned and/or Gorgoroth listeners may find Horna really appealing. Aside from Shatraug, Horna's current line-up includes ex-bassist, current guitarist, and backing vocalist Mynni "Infection" Luukkainen, drummer Perttu "Vainaja" Pakkanen, vocalist Tuomas "Spellgoth" Rytkönen, and current bass player Mika "Hex Inferi" Packalen. Shatraug's also known to be involved in multiple other projects and bands, including Behexen, Black Stench, Finnentum, Foudre Noire, Hoath, Morbid Savouring, Mortualia, My Torments, Necroslut, Sargeist, Sinisterite, Striges, Uhraus, Vritra, Mirkhall, Skullcrusher, Tyrannium, Battle, Blutschrei, Drowning the Light (only as a live member), Vornat (only as a live member), and Ravening.

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