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Hugo biography

There are at least 9 artists performing as Hugo: 1) Born in England and raised in Thailand, Hugo - a seriously dedicated songwriter, musician and performer -- has already plowed through several aesthetic incarnations on the road to Old Tyme Religion. 2) A minimal techno artist and manager hailing from Turin, Italy, Hugo was really young when he had the perception that music is something more than an expression of art. while he was smoking and wondering on his balcony surrounded by the industrial landscapes of Mirafiori blocks, he got his flash of inspiration. After that, classically trained jazz musician Hugo, fell in love with electronic music during the 90’s. He founded his own electro-oriented label “general elektrik”. Hugo’s latest productions reaches what is defined by “less is more”, yet keeping a funky, rough and clubby vibe! You can find more of his music on the Goodvibe Recods 3) Hugo is an American Aor singer who is most known for his album with Valentine. Hugo began singing with Open Skyz and has released three solo-albums so far. After more than 10 years of absence he made his comeback in 2008 on firefest IV and will be performing again at firefset V. 4) A piano rock singer/songwriter based out of NYC. He has released three recordings and had multiple placements on MTV’s The Real World. 5) An Italian glamrocker. 6) A French rapper 7) An Australian group from the late ’60s / early ’70s, probably hailing from Adelaide. Released the classic single ‘Hey! Watch Out’ / ‘Girl in The Garden’ in 1969 or 1970. Both tracks can be found on the excellent ‘Peculiar Hole In The Sky’ collection on Big Beat records. 8) A Latvian hardcore punk band 9) Hugo Blau is a Swiss vocalist mostly known as Hugo. His music is a mix of folk and pop with modern electronic influences, and his lyrics speak of self-discovery, self-doubt and the otherness. He was a contestant of the Voice of Switzerland, he made through Blind Auditions and joined to Stress's Team. His first battle he sang with Tabea Anderfuhren "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye feat. Kimbra , but unfortunately he lost this battle and left the show. Furthermore, Hugo is also the name of a company that produces language tapes.

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