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Huski biography

Huski are Maple Bee & Pike Galloway, an electro pop duo based in London, UK. They met in 2005 at a party in a Turkish restaurant and a year later had gone on to record over 40 songs together, 10 of which were then put together to make their debut album, 2006's “love peace pain". Their sophomore album, the fan-financed "strangelove" was released through their official website in 2011. The songs on the album tell the story of the irresistible tyranny of love, and travels deep into the far-flung reaches of darkness, solitude, glitter and lost dreams. In 2012 they released the remix album "H", which consists of songs from the "Strangelove" era rearranged/remixed by Psychemagik. "H" was preceded by the single "Sleep's Over".

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