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Brandyn “H*Wood” Bordeaux was born in Aurora, and raised in Denver. He was previously signed to E1 Music. Could It Be You (Punk Rock Chick) - EP was released to iTunes August 3rd, 2010 under DarkChild Records. Brandyn "H*Wood" Bordeaux an American born mash-up recording artist. H*Wood is a proud Denver, Colorado musician whose music reflects his elecletic upbringing ranging between electronic, pop, dance and dub-step all while effortlessly rapping the lyrics; the style is considered to be innovative considering electronic and dub-step are generally genres known for its music production rather than its lyrics. In 2009 H*Wood was approached by Mark Jackson Productions to record a demo EP, from that EP spawned H*Wood's premiere single "Could it Be You,(Punk Rock Chick).[2] "Could it Be You" brought the attention of super producer Rodney Jerkins and his music label, Dark Child Records. H*Wood signed a recording contract with the industry heavyweight and soon released his debut single. Upon release the single received praise from the likes of Ryan Seacrest's popular entertainment site, RyanSeacrest.com as having "...the 2010 Summer Jam we've been waiting for".[3] "Could it Be You" to date has sold over 220,000 downloads. After the successful release of "Could It Be You" in the United States, H*Wood's party anthem was picked up by Universal Records Germany and released overseas. At his highest points the debut single reached the #1 most downloaded song in Germany and #33 on Germany's Hot 100[4] According to H*Wood's personal and fan Facebook Pages,[5] H*Wood has announced a May 1 release date of his new single to debut MAY 1st, 2012. Entitled "W.O.R.K. A Snippet of the song can also be found on H*Wood's Site [6]

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