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Hybrid Children is a Finnish punk-rock band, which was formed in the early 1990's by Jasse (vocals/guitar), Kelly (drums/vocals), TV (guitar), and Jasse's cousin Jarno (bass). They released 3 EP's before their debut album "Bleed Baby Bleed!!!" (1993), which was rather succesful in the Finnish charts. Rest of the albums ("Honeymoon In Babylon" in 1994, "Uncensored Teenage Hardcore" in 1996, "Drugster" in 1998, " Stardom Is Here" in 1999, "Hybrid Moments" in 2001 and "Ghost Town Carnival" in 2004) were made in different kind of line-ups. In the year 2007 the line-up is Jasse (vocals/guitar), Pale (bass), Sandman (drums) and Juho (guitar). Hybrid Children has finished recording their 7th full length album FIGHT AS ONE which is going to be out this spring. The album will continue on the territory of tight & hard-hitting Helsinki punkrock with overwhelming vocal harmonies, howling guitars and hellbound cavebeat drumming.

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