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There are at least 5 artists called Hybris: 1. Czech drum and bass DJ 2. Spanish metal band 3. German gothic rock band 4. German hardcore band 5. London based thrash metal band 1. A Czech drum and bass DJ: Hybris is Evan Vischi. After years of being a studio recluse, Evan surfaced in the DC scene and released collaborations and solo projects under the name Robot Death Squad. He then moved to the Czech Republic to focus on advancing his own sound and began releasing under the name Hybris. Towards the end of 2009 his tunes were spotted and picked up by Kasra, and his debut single was released on Critical: Modulations (The Cleaner/ Raindance) in June of 2010. With several forthcoming releases on C.I.A., Blackout Music, and Critical, and DJ support from some of the scene's heaviest hitters, Evan is now committed to pushing heavy and precise dancefloor beats to the next level. 2. A Spanish metal band: A melodic power metal band with ex-Ankhara member, Pacho Brea, that has released five albums so far: *Otros Mundos, released in 2008 *Hybris, released in 2009 *Tras el cristal, released in 2010 *Otros mundos (re-recorded), released in 2011 *Instinto, released in 2012. 3. A German gothic rock band: Hybris was formed in the city of "Kiel", in Northern Germany in 1998. The local musician scene was mostly represented by heavy- and trash-metal bands, but gothic and other dark music styles are quite popular at several clubs and local events. 7 musicians had the dream of creating powerful melancholic music - representing the emotions of the local gothic rock community. Gothic rock has as many facets as other music styles and a poll of 7 different musicians will have at least 14 opinions about the right way. The first try at Hybris ended without any success and only 2 half completed songs. The lack of success led to disharmony and the band came apart. Those members of the band, who had decided to not give up, were in a difficult spot. Gothic rock musicians are not as common as representives from other music styles and even in the coldness of Northern Germany there won't be so many guitarists with the "right" emotions. So they've decided to start an experiment. Instead of working with 7 musicians with very strong emotions about "the right" style of gothic music they opened the band for musicians with wider and different experience in different music styles - and due to that a more experimental approach to the right music style. One of the new members was Janis Schibalski a former guitarist and songwriter of a glam rock/party-metal band. Despite his changed preferences (more serious, darker music instead of event driven music the differences between him and most of the other members could not be bigger. Hybris was never planned as a project of friends - it was planned as an experiment, a melting pot of emotions, ideas and extremely different individuals. It was a courageous plan with a strong dedication to at least local succes. This led to the band name: Hybris (which means Hubris in English). Helge Barth (Bass), Anne Kampmann (Backing Vocals) and Thyra Christmann (Keyboards) were the most "classical" gothic musicians, Malte Volquardsen (Drums) had several roots in Punk, Folk and other music styles. Bent Maczewski (guitar) was the bands representive of solid rock music, Gerret Goos (Lead Vocals) had several roots in gothic rock and metal and Janis Schibalski (guitars) with his long experience as live musician and songwriter completed the band. An era of hot emotions started in the Hybris rehearsal room - conflicts, discussions but the strong will to achive results. Rotten Flowers was the first result of the melting pot process. Based on an old song of Janis, the band managed it to create a symbiosis out of everyone's influences and emotions. A real conjointly-created work and a sum that was more than its parts. Strife changed to euphoria and the band quickly recorded the song together with "Final Trust" to create a demo CD. Helge handed copies of the demo recording to local DJs of Gothic Clubs and Events and --very ungothic-like-- the members of Hybris nervously awaited the first reactions of the audience. The result was much better than expected. Rotten Flowers and also Final Trust were dancable (note: which means dancable for gothic-fans :P) the DJ urged to make clear, that this was really a demo recording of Hybris and some visitors of the event asked "Which band was it? Never heard it before!" Motivated by the first success, Hybris worked on additional material and completed the last song for the first live-gig only days before the event. The impressive Voice of Gerret and the multifaceted gothic-rock of Hybris lead to several gigs in northern Germany and the CD-Recording "The First Words" which marked the zenith of the band history. Success ushered strife. Some members of the band wanted bigger influence to the songwriting and the direction of the music, others wanted to invest more money for the "Big deal" and others wanted to concentrate on live events. Another cold winter in Northern Germany, and the band fall apart. Flowers rot, Hybris died, but the music is still remembered - which describes the Album "The First Words" and the emotions in this music in a better way than long stories can tell. Hybris - The First Words. Germany 1999 Music and Lyrics: Hybris (Schibalski, Goos, Maczewski, Volquardsen, Christmann, Barth, Kampmann) Produced by: Ulf Ronneberger and Hybris Recorded by Hybris at Jam Tonic Studios, Flensburg (Ger) Cover Art: Janis Schibalski font = http://www.magnatune.com/artists/hybris Araujo921 4. German hardcore band http://www.reactwithprotest.org/releases.php?record=85 http://www.collective-zine.co.uk/reviews/?id=7695 "the Hybris discography 12" is now available. For those unfamiliar with the band. They lasted sometime between 1998 and 2003 and should be considered as one of those German bands that had the "Uranus sound" nailed down. Members later went on to form the more well-known The Now Denial. Unfortunately Hybris only released an awesome demo, a 7" and some compilation tracks. The demo is pretty hard to track down and was never rereleased in any form apart from the original tape. Now we have made it available again on vinyl with the rest of their output. Twelve tracks in total, pressing of 300. For fans of One Eyed God Prophecy, Uranus and Orchid. released by De Graanrepubliek (NL) www.degraanrepubliek.com React with Protest (GER) www.reactwithprotest.org IFB Records (US) www.ifbrecords.com labels:get in touch for trades or wholesaleprices! thanks mark / de graanrepubliek" 5. London based thrash metal band created in 2008. Their first album will be released by Candlelight reconds in 2013. http://www.hybrisband.com http://www.myspace.com/hybristhrash

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