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There are various bands called Hydra. * 1) Hydra is an American southern rock band founded in the late 1960s by Spencer Kirkpatrick (guitar), Wayne Bruce (vocals/guitar), and Steve Pace (drums). * 2) The Dutch rock band Hydra formed in 1970 who had a few No. 1 chart hits in the Netherlands Top 40 and who are still going today www.hydramusic.nl * 3) Hydra is a depressive black metal/dark metal band from Santiago, Chile * 4) Hydra is a swedish melodic death metal/black metal band, formed in 1995. * 5) Hydra was a Power/Thrash Metal band from Ascona, Italy, formed in 1985. They later changed their name to Aydra * 6) There was also a power electronicsact from New York named Hydra, featuring a member of the noise group Final Solution. * 7) Hydra is also the alias under which Stefan Jaworzyn (formerly of Skullflower) makes noise music. * 8) Hydra (1999), mexican progressive rock band ending up a while ago. This was the first project from Marcela Bovio (Elfonia/Ayreon/Stream of Passion) and Alejandro Millan (Elfonia/ex-Stream of Passion/Hello Madness) * 9) Hydra (ไฮดร้า) is Pop-Rock Band from Thailand, formed in 1992. There is 2 members, Nakarin Kingsak and Thana Lawasut. * 10) Hydra is an alias of electronic music producer Steven Robin Helstrip (better known as The Thrillseekers). See also The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra. * 11) Combine whiskey-soaked vocals with the open road, add in years of punk influence and in a trice, The Hydra is born. The Hydra is a folk-punk band from Los Angeles, Ca. This unique band consists of four musicians from Florida who have been working together for nearly a decade. Reunited in Los Angeles, they pursue their passions with vigor. Having lead vocals shared by Xtian and Wolfy, The Hydra has a combination of raspy and soothing sounds that lay the perfect soundtrack to drive the back roads of their swampy, and space program littered home state. Years of touring together in prior bands have made for a solid friendship, which is easily recognized by their chemistry on and off stage. The Hydra is driven by their mutual love of playing and traveling alongside friends and family. Artists such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Cure, Murder by Death, The Pixies, The Dead Milkmen, and fellow Florida friend, Chuck Ragan, heavily influence the band’s new self-titled EP. The Hydra goes against the grain when it comes to musicianship by blending an intelligent mixture of country vibes and punk-rock roots. The songs, written about heart-break, booze, and growing up in the deep south, are raw and come from the heart. Be part of The Hydra’s journey: "Dark-Folk-Gothic-Acoustic-Core-Swamp-Punk-Rock" ...as only goblyns can do! * 12) Hydra was a side-project of Jens Buchert. He released 2 albums: "Rendezvous In Space" (1998) and "Super Human" (2000). The music could be described as chillout or space ambient. * 13) Hydra was a Spanish progressive rock act from Majorca Island (2006?-2011?). Former members, David, lead vocals and guitar, Andrés, guitar, Edu, guitar and chorus, Pedro, bass and chorus, and Carlos, drummer, as stated on their myspace (http://www.myspace.com/hydracatastroferia) * 14) Hydra are a 5-piece dream pop group from Glasgow *15) Hydra are a Symphonic Metal from Bavaria, Germany.

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