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Hyjak and Torcha are two of Australias most respected and innovative MCs. They have toured extensively throughout Australia and many overseas spots from N.Z to Bali. They have collaborated musically with an array of diverse artists from Murs & Living Legends, Drapht, Tim Freedman (The Whitlams), Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz to Ozi Battler (The Herd), Mark 'Chopper' Read, Hilltop Hoods and even had a track 'The road is lost', together wit band A Broken Silence played live by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to sold out shows. The boys have rocked sold out shows with Ice Cube, De La Soul, Mobb Deep and plenty of others. Accompanied by veteran Bonez on the decks Drastik Measures was their debut album, released in 2004. Hyjak exploded onto the scene in 98 as a 15 year old who snuck into his local Bondi pub to enter his first mc battle stunning the crowd with his witty freestyles. Yes he left the battle victorious and an urban legend amongst his peers. Six years later we see a mature songwriter and storyteller with the same happy go lucky attitude and witty freestyles.Couldnt afford a video clip so I rap on surveillance camera footage sums up the humorous and honest style. West Sydney native Torcha (J.Chmielewski) has been making noise musically since the late nineties. Having released two well recieved L.P's with fellow M.C Hyjak, an L.P together with acclaimed producer B-Don (out Aug 09), a groundbreaking new sound on L.P 'All For What' with band A Broken Silence and over the years appearing on many guestspots and compilations. After touring the world to see relatives and check out places like Poland and Bosnia, Torcha came back with a new understanding and appreciation for his homeland. This is shown through the new found maturity with his writing. Torcha is a realist with untamed battle lyrics and great story telling ability. The older of the two MCs, Torcha brings well-planned concepts and conscious balance to the group. The crews first L.P's conception was inspired by the return of Torcha from a needed 3 year hiatus . Trapped in cycle where you mind is your worst enemy authenicates the truthful lyrics Torcha is revered for. The boys are also members of seperate crews Hyjak being a vocalist in the band ' ENDZ AND MEANS ' and Torcha being a part of the outfit ' A BROKEN SILENCE '. The boys have recently completed their sophomore L.P ' Unregrettable ' with producer Mules, out again through Obese. There are also solo efforts from both out real soon, with Torcha ft B-Don's ' Frozen State ' out in October and Hyjak's new one out shortly.

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