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HYMN. Lee McCormack. Lyrics - Samantha, AKA Kung Foo. Invisible Man, Alice Mansfield and Lee McCormack. Label - fADED lAMENTABLE HYMN were a group of soul searchers, astral plane brains, mother earth crystal carrying believers of the connection to everything in Life. We could not understand why others did not feel this way. Lost and confuzzled, (mary max) Lee just started doing it. No knowledge, just a belief and had no doubters dissing the project, we run like ignited spirts. As a group we explored utter depths of depravity I'm as of yet fearful to release, however, we equally explored the heights of human mind expansion and the wonderous possibilities that could be there. Also, songs of a political persuasion appeared. Samantha specialized in History as well as life force energies, when these combined it was like nothing before, plus my music was and is very experimental, then resulting sound of HYMN is a ride of LOVE, FEAR, SEXUALITY, FEMININITY, DESIRE, HORROR, ABSURD and BEAUTIFUL just to mention a few. Remain open minded when listening to HYMN and try to understand it was a labor of LOVE. To all involved in HYMN, honest feelings remain, these songs will always lift my soul. May they lift and expand yours too. Lee McCormack. X

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