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Hypnoskull biography

Hypnoskull is Sint-Niklaas, Belgium based musician Patrick Stevens (b. 1973) who, according to his myspace profile, founded Hypnoskull in 1992. Stevens was introduced to music at a young age, and became quickly involved in the Belgian and German alternative music scene. His first project was with friend Kristen Steensels, under the name Ectoplasmic Embryo Experience. Soon after, Stevens began releasing music under several other pseudonyms, including BRB, DRK, and Godwin. Finally, in 1992, Stevens formed Hypnoskull, which has been his main project ever since. Stevens took a short break after recording several tapes as Hypnoskull to work on a project with Dirk Ivens called Sonar. Finally, in 1998, Stevens was able to release the first Hypnoskull CD on Germany’s Ant-Zen records. Since this short time, Hypnoskull has managed to greatly influence the industrial music scene. In addition to Hypnoskull, Patrick Stevens also has recorded under the names Tunnel (with wife Mieke M.), Sonar (with Dirk Ivens), Noshinto, Das Schreckenskabinett, Hautnah, Reset, Sona Eact, Störfrequenz, BRB, DRK, Boy Rapes Boy, Cybernetic:Fuckheadz (with Raoul Roucka), Sliding Elements, 33 MHz, and Trivial Gender.

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