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Eric Von Sydow aka Hypnotica is simply stated, "The Rock Star of Seduction." An internationally recognized iconoclast thinker and mind scientist, he is also a sought after key note speaker. The Guru’s guru, he has trained the top figures in the dating/relationship field, including Neil Strauss, author of the bestseller "The Game" and David DeAngelo, CEO of the popular "Double Your Dating" enterprise and brand. An international seminar leader, relationship, dating and sex expert, mind scientist, hypnotist, self-evolvement coach and spoken-word artist, Eric Von Sydow doesn't fit nicely into any one box. A true renaissance figure of the new millennium, Hypnotica is a man on a mission to re-ignite the sexual revolution. His multi- and inter-dimensional brilliance has commanded a legion of fans, male and female, who appreciate that his concepts are not only stimulating, but provocative, challenging and expansive.

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