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Hypomanie biography

Hypomanie is a band from Arnhem, Netherlands that started as a Melancholic Black Metal band in 2007. The first demo (I Am Alone With You, 2008, Wolfsvuur Records) and first album (Sehnsucht, 2008, Affliction Records) were in this vein. The style then changed to a faster, more atmospheric style of Black Metal, which is to be heard at the self-titled EP. (Hypomanie, 2009, Valse Sinistre) In January 2011 She Couldn't Find A Flower, But There Was Snow (EP) and A City In Mono (album) were released, both by Valse Sinistre Productions. In the rainy spring of 2012 a third album, Calm Down, You Weren't Set on Fire, has been released.

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