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There are a few Hysterics. 1) A hardcore punk band from Olympia, WA. Released a tape in October 2010 and a 6 song 7" EP in November 2011 on M'Lady's Records. 2) An indie, neo-psychedelia rock band from Brooklyn, NY with big pop influences - the Beatles, Beach Boys, Velvet Underground. They released their eponymous debut and played the South by Southwest Music Festival in 2008. Their song, "Mostly Untitled," was featured as a free download of the week on iTunes Japan. 3) 60s garage band that got a bit of attention after their best song, “Everything’s There,” was anthologized on Pebbles, Vol. 7. They had a characteristic organ-guitar sound and snarling, immature teen putdown vocals; a 500-copy reissue EP of four of their songs came out in the ’80s. Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide. According to the single "Everything’s There" Hysterics should be written without article (the). 4) New moniker of Night Slugs artist Girl Unit . 5) Melodic punk rock band from Chicago, IL.

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