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I Adapt was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2000. Their mission was to start a band that would play hardcore music that would be “In your face” on a personal and political level. I Adapt always wanted to bring different people together and make a connection that would go beyond the show. They played every show like it was their last. They played countless local shows, made 5 trips to Europe and one to the USA. Discography: Albums: - Sparks Turn to Flames (2003) - No Pasaran (2004) - Chainlike Burden (2007) EP's: - The Famous Three [Live] (2001) - Why Not Make Today Legendary (2002) - From Town To Town (2007) Split 7": - I Roast My Marshmallows in Church Fires (split with The Neon Hookers) (2007) I Adapt ended their collaboration on February 2nd in 2008 with a fierce final show at TÞM, Iceland. Other bands and projects with I Adapt members are Celestine, Gavin Portland, bisund, Hryðjuverk, Bölvun and the Halifax Collect web zine.

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