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I Am King was created in the beginning of February of 2010 in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, US. The members were all chosen from various other bands around the Lehigh Valley to create the music you hear right now. Justin, Mike, Jake, Nate and Tito from Anchor's Away, Dan from In Skys Of Black, Sam from Bright Lights and Bomb Shells. After years of just being in a bunch of different bands we all sat down and decided that this was it, do or die, it's time to really go for our dreams. We come before you humbled, and are ready for the masses to listen to what we have to tell you. We hope that while you listen to our music you don't just nod your head along, listen to the words we are saying. Let us know what you think. They released their debut self titled EP “I Am King” recorded with Taylor Larson. It is currently available on iTunes. They also released a full length album called "Onehundred", also available on iTunes. They signed to Velocity Records/Rise in 2012. They released their debut full-length in 2013 through Rise Records, the title of the album was announced to be "Onehundred". They also released a cover of 'Lights!' -- A take on Ellie Goulding's original version. In early 2014, both vocalists, Sam Sky and Nate Newhard. They were later replaced by new clean vocalist Angel Flores and unclean vocalist Nathan "BAT" Rodriguez. It was then that they entered the studio to start recording their next release when their drummer Tito Rivera left the band, to whom they replaced with the current drummer; Monev Tips. Following all of this they also got dropped by their record label. The band, with the new lineup had then announced their new EP which has nine tracks, which was to be titled "Solidarity" and was to be released sometime at the end of 2014. This was later pushed back due to the dropping of their band from the Rise/Velocity Records roster. The band started the whole EP from scratch, and self-recorded it at King Studios (home to the band). The band also started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for their next self-acclaimed album, which is said to have 20 songs, according to the band. So far the band have raised 480$ out of their 10K$ target. They are planning on putting sales from their EP towards recording the album, which isn't be recorded at King Studios. At the end of 2014, they released the first single from their EP, "Try Hard". On March 14th they released their second single "Playing Through The Pain" and on March 21st they streamed their third song "Black Smoke". On March 22nd, 2015 the album had leaked through popular music leaking sites such as Kingdom Leaks and Get Metal. The band streamed their album later that night. This is a revolution, and if I AM KING, YOU ARE KING. Band members: Angel Flores - Vocals Nathan "BAT" Rodriguez - Vocals Justin Mitchell - Guitar Dan Artim - Guitar Jake Tacker - Bass Monev Tips - Drums http://www.facebook.com/iamkingpa

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