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I Am Legion refers to 2 artists/bands: 1) I Am Legion is a supergroup formed by Noisia and the UK based hip hop group Foreign Beggars. I Am Legion is the self-titled collaborative album by the band, a side project of Dutch record producers Noisia and British rappers Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars. The album was released on 2 September 2013 through Division, OWSLA and Par Excellence. The album topped the Beatport releases chart within three days of release. The group had the following to say about the album's style and influence: “We (Noisia & Foreign Beggars) come from two different places and there is a mutual curiosity and admiration that makes us want to make the coolest shit we can. The style and approach to this album has given the lyrics more breathing space and room for exploration, hence it resulting in something more of a rap album with an electronic edge, as opposed to ‘Dance Music’ with raps on it.” Speaking about the album's second single "Choosing For You", Metropolis told Rolling Stone “We kinda pieced together ideas from two beats Noisia had made to put this one together, I think it's the only track with a Noisia voice on it... The track is about letting the music possess you, as good music should when you hear it.” 2) A band from the town of Jönköping in Sweden Vocals - Jonas Blomqvist Guitars - Sam Liti Drums - Ludvig Johansson Bass - Knut Green

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