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Lightyear were a hugely popular ska punk band who blended elements of ska, pop, hardcore, punk and occaisionally hip hop who were probably best known for their intense live shows that regulaly saw members of the band (and unfortunately crowd) getting naked. Hailing from Derby and previously split up, they reformed briefly for the summer of 2006 in which they played a whirlwind UK tour which included both the Reading and Leeds carling festivals. The tour ended fittingly in derby with a sell out show which saw the guest appearence of Chris (owner of the Gentlemans Hairdresser and Railway Book Shop) and Chas's parents who joined him on stage to belt out the chorus to Positive Outlook to end the massively overrunning evening. In Typical Lightyear stlye the band is doing one last "final" show on the 2nd of November at the assembly halls in Derby for charity. http://www.derbypunkcollective.co.uk

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