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Post hardcore prog-rock, ionically fusing sublime melody with chaotic overtures, and heart pounding rhythms - masterfully weaving epic song structures that interlace heavy, unrelentingly savage attacks, with infectious vocal hooks, and mathematically precise (yet seemingly discordant) guitar riffs. Coming from the Mormon Capital of Salt Lake City, these 5, tie wearing iconoclasts known as I Am The Ocean, have clearly had impetus to rebel; a reason to reject; something to prove; and a statement to make. And Your City Needs Swallowing... is their raison d'être - a journey into adverse reaction, absurdity, and nihilistic discontent that reads like Hunter S. Thompson on a Mescaline Binge. I Am The Ocean will be hitting the road in April for a West Coast tour in advance of their National Debut release on Uprising Records, followed by a string of U.S. tours (beginning in May and running through Summer). Be sure to catch the bands highly chaotic, hyperbolic performance of ...And Your City Needs Swallowing.

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