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Accompanied by an array of strobe lights and synth, I Capture Castle is much more than an addiction of bone-shivering breakdowns, electrifying keys, and mesmerizing melodies. They have truly developed a reputation of being one of the most divergent and explosive electronic hardcore bands to take the stage. Ever since their debut appearance as an opener for The Artery Foundation Across The Nation Tour in 2009, I Capture Castle has taken the West Coast by storm, featuring on many nationally recognized tours including Scream The Prayer, Rock Yourself To Sleep, Warped Tour, and Uproar Festival. In 2010, I Capture Castle released their debut EP entitled ‘Throw Me The Rope’, recorded by highly acclaimed engineer Matt Winegar (Coheed and Cambria, Primus, Royal Bliss). The album’s combining elements strayed from the anticipated cliches, simply redefining the standard, and averting any limitation to their already diverse sound. An artistic blend of shreadified metal and contemporary dance-driven pop, accented by a layer of laser-ready electronica and chug-induced hardcore. Two acoustic tracks were included in the release, giving the album an even greater dramatic contrast. In 2011, I Capture Castle returned from the studio with their latest EP ‘Overture’. The album surpassed expectation, reaching such great heights as guest vocalist Joel Piper (of Confide and Avery Pkwy) was featured on its opening track ‘Namaste’. The record also included their hardcore rendition of Kesha’s hit single ‘Take It Off’, demonstrating the band’s innovation and ability to expand into various genres. Overflowing with immaculate highs and death defying lows, this 3-song EP is an unexpected roller coaster of emotion, filled with translucent yet profound lyrics. Soon after the release of ‘Overture’, I Capture Castle became product of hype, launching their debut music video ‘Dude Man I Dunno Bro’, and listeners worldwide became familiar with their newly-cemented brand of electronic hardcore. The video soon captured the attention of music journalist Bryan Stars, as he deemed I Capture Castle one of the ‘hottest upcoming bands’. Following the release of their video, the band left on their first headlining tour ‘The Epilepsy On The Dance Floor Tour’, receiving recognition from mainstream media including SmartPunk, BlankTV, Sugar Entertainment, and radio play throughout the West Coast. The band then closed out the year with the release of their second music video ‘Take It Off’. Surrounded by an impending trend of followers, and lead by a determination and drive that can’t be touched, it is safe to say that we haven’t heard the last from I Capture Castle. As they continue to progress and transcend expectation, the culmination of this group is still to come. With plans of an upcoming mid-west tour, a highly anticipated full-length album, and much more, I Capture Castle is aggressively setting the path for 2013, their biggest year yet.

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