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Of all the acts emerging from the thriving Copenhagen indiescene these years, IGYOT is undoubtedly one of the absolute heavyweights. The band is a veritable “all-star team” of acclaimed musicians from the Copenhagen indie, jazz and underground scene, united by a unique tone of voice and an exquisite sense of taste. IGYOT was formed in 2004. Their self-entitled debutalbum from 2006 and the sequel “2” from 2007 - both released on Danish singer/songwriter Nikolai Nørlund´s label Auditorium - made them darlings of the music press. They were also named as one of the best live-acts in Denmark and toured in Canada, France and Spain. Switching to the rapidly ascending indie-label Tigerspring, IGYOT put out a remix album i 2008 and has since released their third studio album “Spinning For The Cause” to rave reviews. Singles included "Spinning For The Cause", "Ace In The Hole" and "Blacksmith". In 2011 came their fourth "Chuch of the Real" The music of IGYOT is a masterful combination of alt. rock and art pop. The songs are brooding and mesmerizing - like something played on a barrel organ - and the style ranges from raw, gritty explosions of alternative rock to hymn-like and celestial ballads. The intricate, imaginative arrangements are centered around the trademark deep, hypnotic voice of charismatic lead singer Jakob Bellens, who delivers the complex, yet superbly catchy melodies and dark, thoughtful lyrics with intensity and sincerity, as well as a dead-pan sense of dry humor, lingering just below the surface.

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