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I Hate Myself biography

I Hate Myself was an emo band from Gainesville, Florida. They existed in 1996 and 1997. They released several EPs and an LP, known as '10 Songs'. Band members are Jim Marburger (Vocals, Guitar), Jon Marburger (Drums) and Basser X (aka Steve). The Marburger Brothers are currently working on a band called Die Hoffnung. They were also in the bands Burnman, Pung & Jon Marbuger also drummed in Gunmoll. Other releases include 3 songs, 15 songs(which was said to come out april 05), 2 songs, and 4 songs. I Hate Myself did a split with Twelve Hour Turn and another one with Strikeforce Diablo. All of their albums were pressed by No Idea Records also in Gainesville. They made it into some compilations of the Post-Punk mid '90's garage scene.

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