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I, Robot was a late 90s emotive hardcore band, à la Indian Summer and Angel Hair with modern touches. They have an East Coast bent and flair that makes these songs their own, specifically in terms of the lyrics, which are excellent. Now they have taken a very different turn and most of the I, Robots play in Homesick for Space. Other members have gone on to play in bands such as Organized Sports, The Exelar, A Black China and Upstairs Room. What made them truly incredible however was their facial hair. Discography: 'I, Robot' 7" (Goldtooth Records, 1998) I, Robot/The Cable Car Theory split 7" (Immigrant Sun, 2001) 'Et Cetera' collection CD (Immigrant Sun, 2002) Members: Matt Grande - vocals Eric Talesnick - guitar Pete Bisso - guitar Tom (Quad) Carley - bass Tim Haley - drums Pat Deriso - drums (live recordings)

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