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I-robots biography

I-Robots a.k.a. GIANLUCA PANDULLO BIOGRAPHY: Gianluca Pandullo began his career in the early '80s playing the various genres of black music that included funk, disco, and afro rhythms, with a personal interest in electronic music. These roots are still evident in his musical selections. Over the years he has promoted many musical styles; he has played dj sets that included the rhythms of soul, jazz, funk, and latin, as well as everything that has derived from them: hip-hop, house, acid-jazz, trip-hop and drum'n'bass. Gianluca Pandullo is also an avid collector and trader of vinyl. He's a journalist and reviewer, he's also an active promoter, and has worked with the biggest and best-known names in every musical scene. His skills and experience in every musical environment allow him to create a truly original and alternative dj set, with influences that find inspiration in the various styles of House Music, incorporating traces of tech, electro, deep, afro, and jazzy. And all of it meshes perfectly with his innate ability to read the crowd and create an instant mood.

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