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I SANTO CALIFORNIA are a vocal and instrumental group from Campania, Southern Italy and were founded in 1975, when they recorded their biggest hit Tornerò. With this song they achieved notoriety in their home country and they were able to sell approximately 11 million copies of the single, which was later translated and exported worldwide. Notwithstanding the fame and notoriety achieved around the world, the group was snobbed in Italy and thus excluded from the principal musical TV programs. In 1978 they took part as contestants at the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Monica" ending up in third place. However, soon after that success started fading away and the group decided to limit its live perfomances to regional and local fairs. * Pietro Barbella (vocals, keyboard) * Gianni Galizia (guitar) * Donato Farina (drums) * Domenico Ajello (bass) * Massimo Caso (guitar) http://digilander.libero.it/gianni61dgl/santocalifornia.htm

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