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I Shot The Sheriff is an American deathcore band from the San Francisco bay area. I Shot The Sheriff, was formed in Fremont, CA. The group was founded by Eric (Vocals, ex-Guitar) and James (ex-Guitar) in February of 2006. The lineup consisted also of: Robert, Casey, Scott, and Ricky. After gaining local attention from various venue’s, the band started to create a name for themselves in the Bay Area. However, in October of 2006, problems started to arise and the band essentially decided to call it quits. The members had moved on into different bands and the future for the band no longer subsisted. After a couple of months, Eric felt a sudden desire to bring the band back to where it first left off. He mentioned the idea to James and they both agreed on bringing it back. Though, Eric would return on lead vocals instead of guitar. They quickly recruited Brandon Drinkwater (Guitar) and Justin Shearer (ex-Bass) to join them in on the re-birth of the band. The 4-piece consistently wrote songs that would later develop into notable songs such as Exhaust, Scapegoat, and Burden. With the band still lacking a drummer, they stumbled upon Hobus Lee (Drums) from Pleasanton, CA. Hobus learned all the songs very hastily in time to record their EP. Soon after, the band recorded w/Sam Pura of The Panda Studios in Oakland, CA. The recordings gave the band plenty of exposure and their name was brought up more frequently than before. With a solidified lineup, the band began to play numerous shows, trying to get their name out to as many people as possible.

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