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Arising from several popular local bands from southeastern Kentucky, I, Sleepwalker is a culmination of Upon a time, Leave It at the Door, Familiar and Corsets are Cages. Their music background is a derivative of their southern rock, screamo, hardcore, metalcore and experimental roots which brings a lot of energy and passion to their live shows. Their sound is somewhat familiar with a welcome hint of the unexpected. In the fall of 2006 I, Sleepwalker was facing problems with the departure of their current vocalist, Kenton Montgomery who had moved to Indiana to begin singing with a christian/post-hardcore band called "the House Effect". During his short absence the band was singed to Harvest Earth Records. A few months later Kenton returned to the band. Since his return, I, Sleepwalker has released their first studio production The Calm EP which came off the presses in early 2007 and has been called "A breathe of fresh air in music today.", and is definitely leaving it's mark with kids when they hear it. In July of 2007 I, Sleepwalker released their debut full-length record, Snake River. This release is a huge look into the members of the band's hearts, showing everyone the purpose behind what they do, which is Jesus Christ's message and saving grace. Shortly after Kenton and bassist; Steven left the band for unknown reasons. I, Sleepwalker has shared the stage with many great bands such as Calico System, Fight Paris, The Esoteric, HeavyHeavyLowLow, The Jonbenet, Anapparatus, Chasing Victory, Across Five Aprils, Alove For Enemies, War Of Ages, Imperial, Armed For Battle, Kiss The Gunner, The Showdown, Eighteen Visions, At The Throne Of Judgement, A Plea For Purging, Wednesday 13, Beneath The Sky, Within, Hell Within, Powerman 5000, Flaw, Cage 9, A Well Thought Tragedy, Flee The Seen, Inhale/Exhale, Twelve Gauge Valentine and many others. Members: - Vocals Macy - Guitar Daniel - Guitar Michael - Keyboard/Keytar B.J. - Drums - Bass Past Member(s): Jonathan (Drums) LINKS: Record Label: www.harvestearth.com Official MySpace Profile: www.myspace.com/isleepwalker PureVolume: www.purevolume.com/isleepwalker

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