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Iame biography

IAME (pronounced I -am -me) is a solo MC from the City of Thornz, and is the newest member of the Oldominion family. At just 21, he has been featured on many albums, including his own full length entitled “Noise Complaints” which he independently released himself. He is also a member of the Sand People - a Portland collective of MC’s and producers that have released two full length albums entitled “Points of View” and the latest release “All In Vain”. He has worked with members of both crews for different projects including an album with Gold from the Sand People for a side group called Clockwerk, and guest appearances on upcoming releases from Smoke, Syndel, and Mr. Hill of Oldominion. When not working on music in the studio, IAME is performing it live anywhere that he can. Whether slaying live shows in Portland with Clockwerk, or touring the Northwest while opening up for (and driving) the Chicharones, IAME will get the show started or tear it apart at the end all depending on what time slot he’s given. He has opened up for such artists as Awol-one, Typical Cats, Pep-Love, One Be Lo, 2mex, E-40, Jurassic 5, Likwit Junkies, DJ Babu, Freestyle Fellowship, and Guru (Gangstarr).

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