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iamerror was a nintendocore band, originally formed in Redlands, California, USA in 2005. iamerror disbanded in 2009. Story summary: Peter Bunke (alias: PEET) and Will Williams (guitar) began to make "grind" music under the name abandon ghostship!. The band's name changed to iamerror. Fans leaked individual tracks and packaged them up as demo '06. Will was let go midway through writing for trout yogurt. Trevor Verteramo (guitar) joined the band. trout yogurt was released in 2008. Peet became disinterested in "nintendocore" and Trev was let go. demo '09 was released from instrumentals of tracks that were originally meant to have guitar and vocals. Peet became uninterested in his previous musical creations, and iamerror was ended. Peet then created a solo project, impatient outpatient and released one album under that name. Peet decided a name change was in order, and for a short time was known as simply PEET. Peet began work on Grand Battle, a re-release of Demo '09 with vocals. About half-way through the creation of Grand Battle, Peet decided that his project's name will be Monomate. Grand Battle was released in 2010. PEET currently goes by the name Monomate for his musical project. Will currently goes by the name apparatus for his musical project. http://sites.google.com/site/iamerrorgrind http://www.myspace.com/monomatemusic http://www.myspace.com/wprojects

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