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Ian Boddy is one of the UK's leading electronic musicians, helping to pioneer the UK EM scene and continuing to influence it to this day with his diverse approach. Ian's early albums were rhythmic, melodic and tuneful in nature. He has always experimented with different concepts with his music, from live drums and occasional vocals, to unusual ethnic instrumentation and clever use of samples. His more recent work has become more ambient, and also more daring and experimental through a variety of collaborations with influential EM musicians including Ron Boots, Markus Reuter, Mark Shreeve and others. Ian has also done a lot of sound design, library albums and even game music. Solo Discography The Climb (1984) Spirits (1985) Phoenix (1986) Jade (1987) Odyssey (1989) Drive (1991) The Uncertainty Principle (1993) The Deep (1994) Continuum (1996) Rare Elements (1997) Box of Secrets (1999) Shrouded (2000) Aurora (2002) Chiasmata (2004)

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