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Ian grew up in Montreal in NDG, a neighborhood where French and English intertwine. He started his relationship with music on his brother’s drums in the family basement. That’s where it all began. Ian initially played drums but he quickly felt like learning other instruments, mainly the guitar, in order to develop his own musical universe. "When no money can be found to buy new records, you might as well make your own music. It’s like cooking, if you don’t like green peppers, don’t put any in what you’re making." He started singing in different bands when he was about 13. His first band was called Jim-Bob and the flying chickens. In 2000, Ian made a demo - Songs from the 90’s - with money that his mom’s husband lent him. After that, for the first time, he had a band that was playing the songs that he wrote, with his vision on life: the IanGangBand. In 2003, he began making an album by himself, Insecurity, which he is now sharing with the world. Ian feels that Insecurity shows that he is a sensitive guy who is starting to appreciate life a little. It also shows that he is focused, talented and determined to get his music to our ears.

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