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Ian Ritchie is a composer, producer, arranger and saxophonist. He was the producer of Roger Waters' album Radio Kaos, along with many other recordings with artists such as Laurie Anderson ( Strange Angels ), Pete Wylie ( Sinful ), Hugh Cornwell ( Wolf ) and The Big Dish (Swimmer ). Ritchie is also the composer of "The Globe Trekker Theme" (previously known as the "The Lonely Planet Theme"), the theme music of the travel show Globe Trekker. He was/is a member of the Liverpool based theatre rock group Deaf School and has released a number of singles in the 1980's under the name Miro Miroe. His saxophone playing can be heard on "See the Day" by D. C. Lee, "Club Tropicana" by Wham, "C'est La Vie" by Robbie Nevil and more recently on his debut jazz album "Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project". In 2006-2007 Ritchie toured as the saxophonist with Roger Waters as part of the backing band on the Dark Side of the Moon Live tour. Ten more shows in 2008 have gone on sale.

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