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I:cube biography

At 25, Nicolas Chaix had already developed a deeply personal universe through intensive listening to Paris free radios (Aligre, Libertaire, Nova, FG), and frantic scrutinizing of all things graphic-related not mentioning his obvious frequent participation in Paris’ burgeoning rave and free party scene. After sending several demos to Gilb'r, at the time one of Radio Nova's main sound-programmers, Chaix signed to the newly founded Versatile and produced the label's first release, Disco Cubizm, under his I:Cube nickname. The EP features a nifty Daft Punk remix that put Versatile on the world map of "hot" electronic talents. Although Nicolas' later releases "Metamorphik" and "Picnic Attack" did not quite catch public attention to the same extent, his debut LP "Picnic Attack" received a particularly warm welcome from the British musical press. A twisted and personal interpretation of Detroit techno, Chicago house, movie soundtracks and absurd jingles, Picnic Attack inaugurated the concept of "Library Recorded Background Music". After a string of remixes for various artists and the release of his first collaboration with Gilb'r - Discobole EP - under their Château Flight alias, I:Cube unleashed new musical mayhem with his series of deeply inspired and irony-tinged EP: Scratch Robotniks, "Tropiq" and "Pooh Pah". This material was compiled on his second LP Adore. Its amazing mixture of dub, bossa, techno, electro and house music revealed I:Cube to a larger audience and established his talent as a unique composer. In October 2000, Versatile released Château Flight's first LP “Puzzle” to great critical acclaim. I:CUBE is now back in the studio working on his 3rd album, to come on Versatile very soon.

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