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Imma biography

“…Imma means “Now” in Japanese and I would like to think I live my life in the now. People forget the importance of now, including me!!...” iMMa Who is iMMa? iMMa is Erika Footman. A multi linguistic native south Londoner with a background punctuated by ballet, open mic nights and chance meetings. What is….? iMMa’s music is an orgy of diverse rock delivered with tremendous self belief, and zeal. iMMa commands the stage along with her live band, where each band member works their own zone prodigiously, communicating only through their music. Working with….? IMMa co-writes with Jonas Jalhay and Kate Wilkinson. Jonas and iMMa’s chance meeting at an open mic night was the catalyst for a writing partnership that imbues the iMMa sound with soaring vocals and intricate melodies, masterfully constructed. Using carefully chosen musicians: Jonas Jalhay (Guitar - Them is Me, Lady Sovereign), Giacomo Occhipinti (Bass), Doug Harper (Drums), Chris Nugent (Drums), Rich Watson (Guitar), Mark Richardson (Drums – Feeder / Skunk Anansie), Wayne Richies (Drums – Skin), iMMa’s sound has been carefully honed in both recording and live settings. 2009 and 2010 brought her touring the world alongside world wide artist, MIKA, playing to between 3000 to 50,000 people. iMMa: Performance “…Performance is me, through and through… so what I do on stage is a reaction to how I am feeling in that moment…” The iMMa live experience is a key element to iMMa’s story… “…I respect any artist that gets up there and does what they want. Artists that express themselves in their true nature from start to end… iMMa: Past, Present and Future There are few artists in an era of the de-mystification of music that can absorb the viewer, the listener in an experience that is at its heart, sincere, honest, energetic, quirky, kooky, loud, quiet, as well as vulnerable. The art of performance has long been confined to pyrotechnics, choirs and interpretive dance via weekend TV. iMMa embodies the theatrical, the musical. Let iMMa become your here and now.

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