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Immortals biography

There are multiple artists named “The Immortals”: 1. Belgian electronic duo; 2. Nigerian funk/garage rock band; 3. Roots reggae trio; 4. Canadian disco project; 5. Pop-rock solo project by John Deacon; 1. Praga Khan and Oliver Adams, best known for their work in the band Lords of Acid. In 1992 they debuted their single "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)", which was later used in TV advertisements for "Mortal Monday" (September 13, 1993), the date when the game was released for home consoles. On the strength of this release, in 1994 Virgin asked the band to record an entire album based on the game's characters, released as Mortal Kombat The Album. Alongside songs dedicated to eight of the game's fighters, it also features two versions of "Techno Syndrome", the track which has since become known as "the Mortal Kombat theme song". A promotional three-track 12" single to the track "Sonya (Go Go Go)" was also released. Although the members never recorded another album under this moniker (instead concentrating on their main projects), the duo did briefly resurrect the name in 1997 for both a set of remixes of the JX track "Close To Your Heart" and two further remixes of "Techno Syndrome" for the second Mortal Kombat film; first as the "Techno Syndrome (97 Mix)" on the Tracks From Mortal Kombat: Annihilation pre-release promotional EP and secondly as the final Mortal Kombat Annihilation soundtrack version, dubbed "Theme From Mortal Kombat (Encounter the Ultimate)". The song was also been covered by Utah Saints for the first Mortal Kombat film soundtrack. Official biography: In 1994 Virgin US asks Praga Khan and Oliver Adams to write and produce an album for the #1 videogame "Mortal Kombat". Of course they couldn't refuse this challenge. Virgin sends them a Sega console together with the Mortal Kombat game. Oliver and Praga start playing Mortal Kombat for 4 weeks and become masters in virtual martial arts. Playing Mortal Kombat inspired them to write the perfect soundtrack for this energetic game. They wrote a song about each character plus the Mortal Kombat theme. The vocals for the album were performed by Dieter Troubleyn (ex-roadie of Praga Khan), Julie Wells (singer of Channel X), Praga and Oliver. 2. Nigerian band which mixed traditional African music with American funk and rock, probably most noted for their song "Hot Tears" which was collected on Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump (and which Dusted Magazine compared as an African counterpart to garage rock legends, The Sonics). 3. Very little is known of this group. They released the single "Babylon" in 1974. 4. The Immortals "The Ultimate Warlord", first released in 1979, is widely believed to be one of the first Hi-NRG records. It was produced by Ian Guenther and Willi Morrison who were responsible for some of disco's greatest productions. They are also known by their work on THP Orchestra, Grand Tour, Duncan Sisters, Big Smoke, Sticky Fingers and Skatt Brothers. Their touch was always musically innovative and always magical. No doubt that their production of The Immortals pushed them far ahead of their sound. The 12" almost has a Euro sound with Patrick Cowley synth stylings thrown in. This was a single played often by DJ Bobby Viteritti of Trocadero Transfer. 5. A short solo project with Robert Ahwai (guitar), John Deacon (bass, from Queen) and Lenny Zakatek (vocals) from 1986 where they recorded one song called No Turning Back for the film Biggles. 6. They released 'Sons of Southern Sunshine' in 1961. [Disclaimer: This is a satirical one-man cover band.]

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