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IMPACT Repertory Theatre was founded in 1997 by Alice Arlen, Jamal Joseph, Joyce Joseph, and Voza Rivers, with additional assistance from Courtney Bennett and Ray Johnson. It operates as a major branch of New Heritage Theatre Group (NHTG), established in 1964, one of the oldest Black not-for-profit theatre companies in New York City. IMPACT members have performed at colleges, libraries, outdoor festivals, homeless shelters, museums, churches, corporate events and penal facilities. They have appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, Foxx, Nickelodeon and other television stations; in the HBO film Disappearing Acts and the Warner Brothers' Film August Rush. In 2008, IMPACT was nominated for an Oscar Award for the song Raise It Up which is featured on the Grammy nominated soundtrack for the film. IMPACT has produced a professional CD of original songs, "Reaching Up", a documentary film project "Central Park", a music soundtrack to "The Long Walk to Freedom" and "Harlem" is and two landmark exhibitions produced by Community Works, an NHTG collaborating partner.

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