Imran top 20 songs


Imran biography

Imran has drawn on many musical styles to create his own sound—a clash of pop, electronica, and rock. Most listeners often describe Imran’s music as “unique” and “edgy.” All of his music is very relatable and will hopefully reach out and touch his fans. Imran likes to keep things simple yet stay innovative. As Imran puts it, “There is nothing more enjoyable then my fans dancing or relating to my songs. It makes me feel good to know people can relate to me and hopefully I can help them in some positive way.” What most fans of Imran do not realize is that everything is created by him. He writes, composes, produces, and records his own songs. Everything is his interpretation and nothing is written for him. Imran enjoys creating songs and watching them grow until finally it trickles down to his fans. Many of his hours are spent in the studio producing and writing new music. Imran’s current project is his debut album called Offbeat (scheduled for release in 2011). The album has a collection of songs geared for the dance floor. The first two singles are Monster and Back Away. Both songs have been released and have slowly been making their way through the club circuits.

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