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In Bloom from Sweden, with Pär Eriksson as front figure, releases their debut album ”With Faded Lights” at record label Blue Topaz Recordings. This longed-for record of well-played acoustic rock music with thoughtful lyrics that have supported many people is now released after extensive touring in Sweden. Pär Eriksson from Ludvika, singer, guitarist and front figure in In Bloom started this as a solo project in April 2006, and has since then won music competitions around Sweden, for example “Scene 2006” where a jury including among others Roger Östman, who also is in the jury of the Swedish grammy awards, settled the score. When the demand was big for his music, Pär took the next step and formed the band In Bloom, consisting of Simon Hjortek (drums), David Sivelind (bass), and Emma Svensson (backup vocals). The band has been touring relentlessly and has acted as supporting band for artists such as Miss Li, Sugarplum Fairy, Janne Schaffer, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Timbuktu etc. The fans have been able to follow In Bloom at radio, TV, and performances around the country, now latest at Debaser Medis in Stockholm during the Emergenza Music Festival. In Bloom plays music with exciting and interesting harmonies and rhythms in the rock genre. Vaguely distorted acoustical guitar, drums, bass and vocals are all that are needed. The song writer Pär Eriksson provides thoughtful and honest lyrics that move you to the bone. Check them out at: MySpace Homepage

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