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In Cold Blood were formed in the late 1990's in Cleveland Ohio. The band originally composed of members Jason Bourbon (Vocals), Blaze Tishko (Guitar), Rich Ferjanic (Drums), Lenny Melnick (Bass), Aaron Melnick (Guitar). After releasing a self titled 7" Jason Bourbon left the band and Jason Popson (Mushroomhead/ State of Conviction) took over vocal duties. In March 1998 the Band released their debut full length titled "Hell on earth" on Victory records. Jason Bourbon then rejoined the band and they would go on to tour europe in winter 1998 and record the "Suicide King" demo in 1999 but the band would break up shortly after wards. A389 Recordings released a "Suicide King" compilation LP in 2009 with the final studio recordings, the tracks from the first 7" and some live songs from the 1998 European tour. Contrary to popular belief the Melnick brothers did not quit Integrity to form In Cold Blood. In Cold Blood existed almost 2 years prior to the Melnicks leaving Integrity. They reformed in 2014 and are working on new material that will be released by A389 Recordings.

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