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In My Rosary, originally conceived as a temporary project, has become a highly regarded band within the international darkwave, gothic, and neofolk scenes. Their music is a rather sensitive view on the essential things and offers its listeners an almost fragile entry into its world of emotions. The project started in 1992 by Ralf Jesek (music, voice, instruments, programming) and Dirk Lakomy (lyrics), who decided to form a temporary project and record one demo tape of darkwave music. By the following year, the reactions to their demo was so positive that they were signed to a label and released a debut album entitled Those Silent Years. Since then, they have reformed many times and released over a dozen full albums. Their final album, really an exploration of all the best musical directions they had explored since the beginning, was released in 2010 and is entitled Retro. Ralf and Dirk still view In My Rosary as a temporary project, so each new release might be their last. If there is nothing more to say, they will remain silent. Besides In My Rosary, Ralf and Dirk once started a side project called Griffin's Fall together with Martin von Arndt (Printed at Bismarck's Death) in 1995. Griffin's Fall released an album called "A Medicine For Melancholy" in 1997. Ralf's other musical projects include the now-defunct new wave/pop group Derriere Le Miroir and a side project called Mary's Comic. Dirk is a photographic artist and has released three photobooks so far. Indeed, in 2011, Ralf and Dirk finally went their separate ways. Ralf continues the spirit of In My Rosary under the new name I-M-R, with the same live band members as before. Dirk is now making music in a more electro style with friend Tobias Birkenbeil in the project Lakobeil.

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