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In-quest biography

In-Quest is a death metal band from Turnhout, Antwerp, Belgium, which was formed in 1994. The origins of the band go back further though, as former guitarist Laurent Swaan formed a noise band named Color Of Noise. After having assembled a full lineup, and changing the band's music style the band changed it's name to System Shit. The band went under this name until 1994 when they finally changed their name to In-Quest. The band released two albums in the late 90's, Extrusion:Battlehymns which was released in 1997, and Operation:Citadel which was released in 1999. It would take 4 years before they released new material. They had also brought in Sven De Caluwe as a vocalist, and they would release two albums with him as vocalist, Destination:Pyroclasm and Epileptic. De Caluwe would soon leave due to other band obligations, and ended up being replaced by swedish vocalist Miqe Löfberg. They would go on to release follow-up albums The Comatose Quandaries in 2005, and Made Out of Negative Matter in 2009. They have also released a vinyl EP in 2010 named The Liquidation Files. Their most recent album Chapter IIX: The Odyssey of Eternity was released in August of 2013. On February 12th, 2014 the band announced they were splitting up for the time being. The band stated it is a indefinite hiatus. In-Quest have played at a number of festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands, such as Frostrock, Euroblast, Xmass Festival, Flanders Fields of Death, Arnhem Metal Meeting, and (alongside bands like Slipknot, Fear Factory, Nile, Motörhead, Saxon, and Ensiferum) Graspop Metal Meeting in 2005 (Metal Dome), 2006 (Marquee 1) and 2009 (at Mainstage).[1] Also in 2006, In-Quest opened for Fear Factory, on their "Fifteen Years of Fear" tour. They also supported Nile in 2005 on their EU tour.

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