In-yan top 20 songs


In-yan biography

The debut song from the group became known on the Russian Talent show "Фабрикa Звезд 7" (Star Factory 7). After it was announced that Artem Ivanov's time on the show had come to an end. The intention to form a group wasn't thought of until the last minute and it became pleasant and unexpected for the huge quantity of admirer's from around the country of Russia. Finally, The unexpected number, which was kept secret until the last minute was revealed by while columns falling, hidden under the columns was the members of the newly formed group In-yan (Инь-Ян, In-ian). The first Pleasant suprise for everyone who was watching the show, was when Artem Ivanov was revealed as the first member of the group, only after leaving the show via a voting result several minutes earlier. The artist under the second column was revealed and spectators were delighted when the column fell to reveal Tatyana Bogachyov

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