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There are four artists under the name INBOX: 1) Inbox consists of 2 producers, namely Robin van de Wiel and Daniel Wanrooy. They combined their musical powers and formed an alliance in 2001, and the alias of Odyssee was created. In 2002 they got noticed by labels such as Fundamental Recordings (from which Progression was born), Lost Language, Gesture and the revered Black Hole Recordings, owned by Tiesto. Inbox have released two singles: Points Of Departure / Freelancer, and Snapshot / Sound Of Silence, both in 2005 on Black Hole Recordings. 2) Also INBOX is a musical alter ego of producer and remixer Ruslan Tagirov ( from Perm city, situated in the West Urals region of Russia. Remixing credits include a number of artists and projects such as Daybehavior (Sweden), Color Theory (US), Monica Schroeder (Canada), Camouflage (Germany), Virtual Server (DJ RAM), Olga Noel & Moscow Grooves Institute, Deejedies/Nuclear Losb, Module, Sensor, Technology (Russia) and others. Now the debut INBOX album ‘Standing On A Bridge’ is planned to release in Russia. It sounds as easy listening melodic electronic music and combining synthpop, downtempo, lounge, intelligent d’n’b, electronica and other styles. The album features Ruslan Tagirov as sound producer/songwriter/singer, you may also hear the excellent voice of US singer Brian Hazard (aka Color Theory) on three songs. The track INBOX feat Brian Hazard - `Can't Wait For The Night` featured on Citadel records compilation `Morning. Day. Evening. Night` released in Feb, 2007. 3) A band from Guadalajara México, the integers are : Apo, Gastón, Ledon and Zonta 4) A pop rock band from Backa Topola, Serbia:

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