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Purple Kool-Aid
Alternative Rock

Purple Kool-Aid

Artist: Incubus
Genre: Alternative Rock
4 stars - based on 150 reviews
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Wake up, I wipe the sleepers from my eye
Look up and see it's 2:35
Get up, I thought Id sleep until ten to
Up in the cold and start the day with you
They call themselves the purple kool-aid cult
They lost their head and claim it's all my fault
I'm fed koolaid intravenously
I must regain my own autonomy!

The purple kool-aid cult is back, I'm paranoid again
Would someone please appease all the stress of my,

Sorry friend, there's no way I can stay
Wish I could explain the reason why
I'm being chased so please pardon my haste
Please appease the stress of my brown head.

They turned their backs and I began to run
Looked back for a flash and I began to shout
I've got to find a passage out of here
I'm not too certain that the future's clear
And now I'm alone and to what type too wear
And then they set upon a skinny chair
They're gathering now around a sugar throne
It's red and round and speaks of miracles.


He says he's going to be in your mouth
Weird ritual for you and I to mate
I see a door I see astray
I pick up a furious pace so I can get away
Don't smile a purple pleasure hangs the cape
Oh Me, Oh My, It was the great escape
The situation, it's still to me a bit of a scandal
Every time I see a purple smile within my underwear.



Four years and as many days float on by
??? carry out that silicone ?? atacious?? left behind
I'm going next door to celebrate I say
??? purple ??? koolaid ??? is the punch that's got me drunk today.

Next thing I know I'm standing on a chair
whipping my arms around the friendly air
I preached the words around a year ago
I now surrender to the certain glow?




I'm being...
I'm being chased by seven kids high on kool-aid
But then they're not crazy cause they're high on kool-aid
But then they're not crazy they're just high on kool-aid.

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