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Abaddon Incarnate was formed in 1994 in Dublin, Ireland with the aim of playing fast death metal with grind elements. They are currently signed with the French label Season of Mist and have previously been signed to the Irish label Sentinel Records and the Spanish label Xtreem Music. They have toured in Spain, France, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. The Last supper dealt heavily with traditional medieval satanism and devil worship. For example "Forced Osculum Infame" Also Nihilism, Misanthropy and Christian Apocalypse myth. On "Nadir" Songs were written about Classical myth, Apocraphya, Kerry Bolton and OLHP influenced Satanism. Also The dark side of Biblical and Cabalah references. Influences also came from the books of Moorcock, Dennis Wheatley, Anton leVay, Ragnar Redbeard, Crowley and the writings of Nietzsche. On "Dark Crusade" lyrics dealth with Movie influences such as Evil dead, Predator, and other subjects related to Werewolves, Left Hand Path Magick and Parapsychology. There was a mysogynistic/ Gore/ Porn/Horror theme running through the latter two releases which also were more grind musicly and seemed to be employed for shock effect or humour rather than any real exploration in to the actual cause, nature or effect of the subject matter. The wide range of lyrical subject matter as compared with other death metal bands may be due to the fact that there has been 4 main lyric writers in the band. Cory, Steve, Olan and Jason.

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