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Abortion is a Slovakian grindcore / mincecore band, whom have become quite well-known within the European grindcore underground. They began in 1989, under name Face of Death (or known F.O.D.), and then in 1990 switched to the named Abortion. After few demo tapes, Abortion released their debut CD "Murdered Culture" in 1998. In the following year, a split with Belgian mincecore legends Agathocles was released, titled "We Never Forget". Original guitarist Picass eventually left the band, but was soon replaced by new guitarist, Chipso. Abortion are still active, and continue to release more 7 inches and full-lengths under various labels throughout the world - and are currently on the Czech label Obscene Productions. Lepra (singer and bassguitarist) was also the maker of DEATHFIST ug diy zine, organizator of Bonesawer parties and had a show on radio Nitra for about five years called Leproviny bringing news, reports and tracks from new albums from the UG scene. It was the only radio show in Slovakia supporting home bands and worldwide underground grincore and metal scene. DISCOGRAPHY: Disgusting Nation Demo, 1991 Impurity... Perversity... Love?? Demo, 1992 Godmaggots Demo, 1993 Sense Of Humor Demo, 1996 Charity Demo, 1997 Murdered Culture Full-length, 1998 We Never Forget !!!/Glass Eyes Split /w AGATHOCLES, 1999 The Truth Hurts Full-length, 2000 Abortion / Agathocles / Din-Addict / Malignant Tumour 4 way, 2001 Have A Nice Day Full-length, 2002 Gonna Be Worse Full-length, 2004 The Gonzo Music Full-length, 2006 Deeper & Darker / Era Idiots Split /w MESRINE, 2008

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